Open Date: June 22nd


9-1 throughout the season.

End of season July 7, 2024

This year exclusive: Offering sunset hour 6-8pm Saturday nights only. Pack a picnic basket and lay out a blanket while enjoying a sunset at the farm.

As a reminder, there are no restrooms, please plan accordingly.

No reservations required, no restrooms. $12/bundle - upick. We are a petite farm, come enjoy a sweet upick, sit and sip lavender-lemonade. Take in the beauty of the Upper Ojai Valley. Follow us on Instagram for updates @Frogcreekfarmojai

Frog Creek Farm located in the upper Ojai valley, got its name from the dry creek on the property. Every Froguary, its an orchestra and the sound is so soothing. We planted lavender in early 2000 without a vision, only to plant drought tolerant plants that would out compete weeds and add total beauty. The bloom was so beautiful it had to be shared. Since then, its evolved into a beautiful garden and we try to improve the experience annually. You will be introduced to the petite organic upick farm, with 600 lavender plants, offering three main varietals to bundle. English Hidcote, French Provence and French Grosso, and upon your arrival you will have a demonstration and education. As you prepare to exit the property, a tiny boutique with homemade lavender products is your last stop to settle up. The little house is surrounded by shady trees to sit under and sip lavender lemonade and soak in the sweet summer breeze. There are no restrooms on the property. Hats, closed-toe shoes and a camera are all thats needed. We offer baskets, scissors and twine. It's a great way to start your day, and head into the beautiful Ojai valley.

Frog Creek Farm Ojai is a working farm and animals, insects, reptiles, and birds may be encountered while voluntarily visiting the farm. Precautions should be taken to avoid potential encounters. For example, if you are allergic to bee stings, please take all necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety. The farm is rustic and offers mulched pathways.Closed toe shoes are recommended.We are not wheelchair accessibility and have no ramps, but we are happy to bring you products from the farm to your car. Visitors to the farm may freely elect to harvest lavender with sharp tools, (e.g., scissors).Frog Creek Farm Ojai and its owners assumes no responsibility for any harms, damages, injuries, losses or liabilities incurred by any persons or pets who visits, engages or transacts with Frog Creek Farm Ojai and its owners, or resulting from the actions of Frog Creek Farm Ojai and its owners.